"Trust in Yahweh and do good; dwell in the land and cultivate faithfulness. " Psalm 37:3

The Berwicks have a combined (since the daughter's births) 135 years of music 'ministry'.
Healing songs, psalms, spiritual songs, songs written down and songs never written down.
They have helped pioneer churches, lead praise teams, and teach in the prophetic gifts.
Presently they are birthing home churches, and have become catalysts, uniting leaders
and believers in their region of Missouri, a state with a stigma of brother against brother.

As the Berwick's stake out the boundaries of God in their region, they are declaring and
praying for freedom for the captives. There are presently 2.5 human beings, primarily teens and
children being trafficked, held as sex slaves. This must be stopped. They must be rescued.
Please pray for this with us.
Photos / by Phil and Theresa Berwick at Engedi waterfall in Israel, where David hid from Saul 
Photo of the Berwick family / by Jim Towers


1989 / impromptu Psalm 149

Theresa Acapella / He Sets the Prisoner Free

Phil and Agatha impromptu birthday blues 2000