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The Church

Made Known Through the Church 

    Through the CHURCH the manifold WISDOM of God is supposed to be made known to the rulers and authorities in heavenly places / Ephesians 3:10 (the rulers and authorities here does not mean good angels) The good angels already are aware of it. See also 2nd Corinthinas 10:3-5
Who desires to become a threat to the bad angels (demons)?

The 'manifold wisdom of God' cannot be "made known" through a man's great preaching, even a great TV preacher's great preaching, a woman's great song, this writer's not so great blog. The only way it is going to be made known is THROUGH THE CHURCH. And it will not be through any one specific 'church',  but through THE church. What IS the church? The next two blogs elaborate, but the church will be operationally destroying the works of the devil, delivering those being led away to death, and taking back stolen spiritual territory  when believers become obedient to the pattern shown them in the Bible....and on the mountain.

The Foundation 

   A  businessman,  brother in Christ, and teacher Paul Berndt, explained what it takes to build a big building. Paul brokers the largest pieces of construction and building equipment in the world, cranes, especially large ones. In a discussion about  what it takes to build a regional church, Paul explained that the bigger and taller a building is, the deeper the foundation and the footings must be. It can take years for the foundation, but once completed, the structure goes up quickly. Have we ever wondered (except for 'succesful' churches fueled by popular programs and personalities) why the church can never become as a tall and impressive a building able to shelter many?

See Ephesians 2:20 , ...having been built upon a foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the chief conerstone; in whom the whole building (fitly framed) is being built together into a holy temple in the Lord." The foundation of church after church as been built on a foundation of a pastor and supposedly Jesus Christ. But It was Christ's intent  that the church would be built on FIVE deeply sunk castings. Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher.  A building can only support so much 'structure' on one pillar, the Pastor.

God gave the church the potential to become GREAT. Unfortunately down through the centurys MEN and ORGANIZATIONS took the becoming GREAT upon themselves, so as to make themselves and their religious kingdoms GREAT.  Perversions of the original intentions of God. Look at the numerous large 'denominations' which operate out of 'programs and 'preaching' without the POWER.

So until we get the foundation right, until the present day church is built ON the Aposltes, the Prophets, the Evangelists (I am not speaking of itinerant roving evangelists, but those evangelists WITHIN the regional church), the pastors and teachers, we will continue to have a weak foundation, and nothing of any significance will be able, or allowed to be built on it.

How is this ever going to become possible? That we shall shed our own personal adgenda and idea of 'church'  to come with our tools to a REAL building raising?
I leave this question open for response.....

The Ascension Gifts of Christ 

We give gifts to one another at the wrong time of the year. Do we realize that the very first thing that the risen Christ did when He ascended into heaven (after descending to the lower parts of the earth) was to give gifts to men? (see Ephesians chapter 4:10 & 11) These gifts were given for the building of the body of Christ,  (the church) of God. Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers, what has come to be called the FIVE FOLD were the gifts given. As an arborist I find it interesting that a tree has five main parts, The roots, the trunk, the limbs, the leaves, and the fruit. For further info see youtube movie Ephesians from the flock part three and four on the page in this web site entitled The Word.