Made Known Through the Church

    Through the CHURCH the manifold WISDOM of God is supposed to be made known to the rulers and authorities in heavenly places / Ephesians 3:10 (the rulers and authorities here does not mean good angels) The good angels already are aware of it. See also 2nd Corinthinas 10:3-5
Who desires to become a threat to the bad angels (demons)?

The 'manifold wisdom of God' cannot be "made known" through a man's great preaching, even a great TV preacher's great preaching, a woman's great song, this writer's not so great blog. The only way it is going to be made known is THROUGH THE CHURCH. And it will not be through any one specific 'church',  but through THE church. What IS the church? The next two blogs elaborate, but the church will be operationally destroying the works of the devil, delivering those being led away to death, and taking back stolen spiritual territory  when believers become obedient to the pattern shown them in the Bible....and on the mountain.

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